Office du Thé du Burundi

Thé des collines du Burundi:Naturellement le meilleur

Thé des collines du Burundi
Naturellement le Meilleur
Plantation de thé de BUHORO
Plantation de thé de BUHORO
Nouveau produit de l' OTB le "Thé vert"
Le thé vert
OTB siège
Visite et séance dégustation du thé vert
Pépinière de thé
Pépinière de thé

                                      CONDITIONS FOR DIRECT SALES

Any customer who is willing to get a direct selling contract should comply with the following conditions:

* To send a letter of expression interest to OTB

*To accept to pay an amount of 1.000 dollards representing registration fees on OTB account number 3302/747 opened to  at Burundi Republic Bank

*To accept to complete with other buyers through offers made on a weekly basis ( after evaluation of tea quality througth tasting , OTB sends the asking price to the agreed buyers to know their different bids ;the best bid is selected and the sale contract is made after the sale confirmation.

*Pricing structure is made in accordance with the contract basis as  follows:

-FOB Mombasa/ Dar Es Salaam: Auction top pricr + USC 15/kg

-EX Mombasa Warehouse: Auction top price + Usc 10/kg

-EX -OTB Warehouse :Auction top price - USC 8/ Kg

*To be anable to buy a minimum quantitycontract of 1* 20' container ( around 200 packages/ 12 M tones).

For any usefull information, in case OTBauthority is not avaailable please contact the Embassy of Burundi in the Buyers respective countries.

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